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Excuse me while I geek out for a second…

RE: Angel losing his soul in season 2.

It is a common misconception among fans of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” people who don’t like the show, and even many of the characters in the show that Angel lost his soul because he had sex with Buffy.

[Insert game-show-like buzzer signaling that these folks are wrong]

The gypsy curse on Angel was set up so that if he experienced a moment of true happiness, he’d lose his soul. If it was the sex that was his true happiness, he’d probably have lost his soul upon orgasm.

But anyone who’s actually watched the show knows that he didn’t lose his soul until quite some time after the sex was over.  In the scene where the curse is enacted, Angel and Buffy are PASSED-THE-FUCK-OUT.

Angel’s true happiness wasn’t an orgasm, it was being with someone in such a way that you have let every last wall crumble.  You find yourself holding onto not just the person, but the tangible proof that love is a force unto itself.  You love without reservation, and you allow yourself to not only be vulnerable but to feel peace and comfort in the fact that you’ve finally allowed that vulnerability live and breath without restraint.

THAT was Angel’s moment of true happiness. 

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    Thank you. I am tired of explaining this to people.
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    Well, I would argue the point that you can’t feel happiness or peace while you’re asleep, but perhaps more to the point,...
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    Angel’s moment of true happiness was when he was passed out? Kinda nullifying your own point there, no? While I agree...
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    I do not ship Bangel but this is a fact. Hence, why he didnt lose his soul after sleeping with Faith in season 3....
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